Welcome to the NEW DONOR PORTAL system.

Your team at The Community Foundation Martin – St. Lucie has been working hard to implement an upgraded technology platform to improve the overall experience for you, our Fundholders and Fund Advisors. We are pleased to introduce the new Fund Advisor Portal. The online Fund Advisor Portal is a secure and easy way to access information about your Fund(s). Please know that we value our relationship with our Fundholders.  The entire Foundation team will remain available to provide information and assistance at your request by phone, email and/or in person.


We have assembled a quick-reference guide, below, to introduce the new Fund Advisor Portal. As always, please know the entire staff stands ready to answer any questions you might have.

Office Hours with your Community Foundation Team

Menu Options

Choose Fund

Allows you to select a different account if you are an Advisor to more than one Fund.


Provides in-depth information regarding each contribution to your Fund. You will note that an “Export” option appears on the far right side of the menu bar, which can be used to export information about each donation into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


Provides more detail about all grants processed from your Fund. The top section provides a summary of grants by recipient (Grantee).  Scroll down past the summary section to see an itemized list of grants paid in descending order (most recent first).

  • Look for the word “Complete” in the Status column to know the grant has been paid.

  • Other status indicators will appear as the grant moves along our internal processes. 


Fund statements are posted in one convenient location that can be accessed at any time by any of the Fund Advisors. *Please note, The Fund Statement Tab contains the Fund Statements issued after March 2023. Please refer to the File Tab to locate Fund Statements issued prior to March 2023.


Shows any files related to the establishment and management of your Fund. *Please note that Fund Statements issued prior to March 2023 are also available under this tab.

If you access the Fund Advisor Portal from a shared computer or device, we strongly encourage you to use the Logout option after completing each session.