Why donors choose

to partner with us

  • Established

    The Community Foundation Martin – St. Lucie (TCFMSL) has been helping donors / fundholders realize their philanthropic goals since 1988. Over three decades, The Community Foundation has awarded millions in grants to hundreds of nonprofit organizations and academic institutions, throughout the Treasure Coast and beyond.

  • Professional

    Benefiting from the oversight of top wealth management, legal, and philanthropic experts in our community, TCFMSL has a thirteen-member Board of Directors, six Emeritus Board Members and a staff of three dedicated professionals. The Community Foundation also works in concert with professional investment teams (including wealth management professionals, estate planning attorneys, and tax advisors).

  • Tax Advantaged

    The Community Foundation is a public charity so donors receive the maximum tax deduction allowed by law and avoid capital gains tax. The Community Foundation looks at each donation individually and creates giving plans that maximize gifts to the community and provide bottom-line benefits to the donor.

  • Trusted

    Generous donors, such as the Trustees of the Frances Langford Foundation, choose to rely on the expertise of TCFMSL to help oversee their funds. The professional staff and advisors monitor the standards and performance of the grant-supported agencies, programs and projects, whether they are located locally, nationally, or internationally.

  • Effective

    The Community Foundation is committed to working with donors, community partners and nonprofit organizations to build strong and sustainable service delivery systems and a vibrant, healthy community. The professional staff and board members have deep knowledge of the charitable landscape in Martin County and St. Lucie County and can provide information and insight regarding an agency’s vision, impact, and sustainability.

  • Personalized Service

    TCFMSL staff works with the donors as closely or independently as preferred. Each donor is different. Some donors rely on The Community Foundation to help find the charity that is the right fit for their giving goals. Others come to the Foundation knowing exactly where to focus their giving. Every fundholder will find peace of mind through regular quarterly reports and access to performance assessments of the charities they support.

  • Broad Reach and Impact

    There are currently over 100 individual funds overseen by The Community Foundation, with causes as varied as public art, emergency food and housing, health, animal protection, the environment, elder care and others. TCFMSL honors the charitable goals of each donor and works to develop an individualized, creative partnership that will create a lastinglegacy.