Philanthropic Advisor Fee Schedule

This fee schedule applies to all funds at The Community Foundation.

Agency Fund 1%
Agency Endowment Fund 0.75%
➢ Agency Endowment Fund over $250,0000.5%
Community Grant Funds2%
Corporate FundsSee DA Fee
Designated FundSee DA Fee
Donor Advised Fund 1%
➢ $500,000 or less1%
➢ $2.5 Million0.75%
➢ $5 Million0.5%
Field of Interest Fund1%
Common Good Fund2%
Neighborhood FundVaries according to fund activity
Scholarship Fund2%
The Community Foundation Martin St. Lucie Endowment Fund*

The minimum fee is $250.00 per year. Fees are assessed to the fund on a monthly basis.
The monthly fee equals one-twelfth of the annual fee, based on the average fair market value of fund assets for the month.

*Direct contributions to sustain the Foundation will be managed in accordance with The Community Foundation’s spending policy.