Impact 100 St. Lucie comprises 100 or more philanthropic women who are committed to working together and investing in projects and programs that will have a lasting and transformational impact in St. Lucie County.

This is accomplished by each woman investing $1,100 to become a member for a designated year. Their combined contributions result in a $100,000 grant opportunity. The full amount of membership is tax deductible.

Membership allows the collective group to provide a transformational and sustainable impact in our community in a much greater way than any one of us could do individually.

At all times, Impact 100 St. Lucie’s goal is to keep the grant process fair and objective. Impact 100 St. Lucie members are involved in every aspect of the grants process.

Impact 100 St. Lucie: timeline for the 2018-2019 funding cycle

February 5, 2019 – LOIs due to The Community Foundation

February 19, 2019 – Invitations to submit a full application

March 13, 2019 – Full applications due

March 27 thru April 3, 2019 – Nonprofit organization site visits

April 4 thru April 5, 2019 – Nonprofit finalists invited to present at Grant Celebration

April 17, 2019 – Impact 100 St. Lucie Award Celebration at The Pelican Yacht Club

Our Inaugural Grant Award will be made on April 17, 2019 at the Pelican Yacht Club, at a Noon Lunch where all the Impact 100 St. Lucie members will vote on what each believes to be the most qualified organization among those that have been carefully vetted, examined and approved through our Grant Review Process.  The winning organization will receive the 2019 $100,000 Impact 100 St. Lucie Grant.

Please join us in this critical community investment endeavor by becoming a leadership sponsor of our Inaugural Grant Award Celebration.  Together, we can make lasting improvements and strengthen our County, one project at a time.  Impact 100 St. Lucie is committed.  We hope you are also.

All money collected for Impact 100 St. Lucie will remain in St. Lucie County.

Membership is now open. Impact 100 St. Lucie is open to all women regardless of residence.

Impact 100 St. Lucie Founders: Lisa Floyd, Linda Chastain, Debbie Butler, Ruth Stromak, Cris Adams, Bunny Webb (not pictured)

Impact 100 St. Lucie Founding Members

Christina Adams, Janet Autin, Keilier Baker-Dixon, Colleen Barnes, Mary Bennett, Chris Binsbachar, Teresa Bishop, Pamela Blake Welmon, Nancy Bock, Rose W. Brown, Monique Bruhn, Amy Brunjes, Debbie Butler, Marisa Cage, Melanie Carr, Janice Cerveny, Patricia Channon, Sally P. Chapman, Linda Chastain, Kimberly Clarizio, Vickie Colter, Linda Crist, Gwen Cunningham, Carol Deloach, Donna DeMarchi, Barbara DiBartolomeo, Dr. Elizabeth Dolly, Stephanie Dunbar, Tatiana Dyer, Mindi Fetterman, Lisa Floyd, Kylee Fuhr, Heidy Garcia, Robbi Giaccone, Phyllis Gillespie, Lauri Goldstein-Schev, Bailie Guadagno, Cheryl Handy, Linda Hart, Debbie, Hawley, Angela Hayle, Kathryn Hensley, Whitty Herman, Lori Hirsch, Taylor Hoskins, Jennifer Howell, Linda Hudson, Robin Hunt, Robyn Hutchinson, Monica Jakobsen, Delores D. Hogan Johnson, Barbara Johnston, Pastor Maryanne Kehlenbach, Patricia King, Racquel King, Katha Kissman, Renuka Korlipara, Carol Kosman, Kelli Kraaz, Eve-Marie Lacroix, Pamela Lannon, Alice Lee, Wilhelmina Lewis, Dr. Michele Libman, Dr. Juliette Lomax-Homier, Margo MacKenzie, Janet Maffucci, Dorothy Malik, Shaniek M. Maynard, Rowan I. McGarry, Amy McKown, Lisa Marie Michener, Dr. Donna Mills, Esperanza Morales, Carrie Morgridge, Manjula Nayer, Judy Percy, Roxanne Shenanoah Peters, Tricia Pollard, Butch Post, Kathy Post, Rebecca Post, Kavitha Rao, Paulina Reddy, Shannyn Reed, Brandi Rials, Sara Rittersbach, Lisa Rymer, Crystal Samuel, Sue-Ellen Sanders, Alissa Scott, Christine Sell, Naheed Shareef, Lisa Sharot, Evett Simmons, Terri Sloan-Bartz, Heather Smith, Synthia Snow, Jean Sporrer, Rita B. Stikelether, Dana Stonelake, Ruth Stromak, Nalini Subramanian, Julie Summers, Deborah Szegeski, Patricia Tobin, Dr. Lillian Torres-Martinez, Queen S. Townsend, Patty Tweardy, Amy VanderBreggen, Lisa Von Seelen, Gertrude Walker, Bunny Webb,  Melanie Wiles, Jovita Johnson Williams, Suzanne Spence Williams, Terry Williams, Cindy Wilson, Dr. Phyllis Wilson, Melissa Winstead, Sandra Wolfe

Founding members front row, from left. Monica Jakobsen, Debbie Butler, Barbara Johnston, Donna Mills, Lisa Floyd, Rowan McGarry, and Linda Chastain. Second row: Cris Adams, Janice Cerveny, Teresa Bishop, Deborah Szegeski, Robyn Hutchinson, Judy Percy, and Angela Hayle. Back row: Shaniek Maynard, Patricia King, Dana Stonelake, Lisa Rymer, and Crystal Samuel.

Founding members of Impact 100 St. Lucie, pictured with Santa Claus

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