The Community Foundation is pleased to partner with the Vershel family because we know that every child shines when they put on a new pair of shoes.

Stepping forward in shoes from Susan

In 2021, the Shoes From Susan Fund was launched by the Vershel family in honor of their mother, Susan. The family established Shoes From Susan to provide children in need with new shoes of their own choosing. The Community Foundation worked closely with the Vershel Family to create this unique fund which helped them accomplish their desire to create a legacy for their mother with their charitable intent. Shoes From Susan works through a network of trusted not for profit partners on the Treasure Coast of Florida and in North Carolina to provide children with a gift card so that THE CHILD not only gets to try on shoes that fit, but also gets to decide what NEW SHOES THEY WANT TO WEAR. By the way, Crocs, Converse and Vans are primarily their shoes of choice.

This fund is another example of The Community Foundation's ability to customize and tailor make charitable giving funds to meet the purpose and intent of our fundholders

With big hearts, some parents are forced to choose between spending their hard-earned money to keep the lights on or buying their children a new pair of shoes. By establishing Shoes From Susan, the Vershels have provided another way to alleviate the burden that parents and caregivers are faced with when choosing how to spend their limited financial resources every day. 

It is a wonderful gift to be able to give a child the opportunity to pick out their own pair of shoes instead of a gently used or hand-me-down pair of shoes. Shoes from Susan is helping put cool kicks on kids and smiles on kids’ faces. 

Over 2,300 children have benefited from this fund to date.

Agencies Partnering with Shoes From Susan

Shoes From Susan Shoe Stores

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