In loving memory of Floyd "Bud" Jordan

Bud Jordan was a man of great strength and talent but above all he was a loving husband, dedicated father, grandfather, and treasured friend. His life and career were built on understanding the value and importance of developing strong personal relationships. His family was the centerpiece of his world and from that many wonderful things emanated.

It is also nearly impossible to name a facet of Martin County’s renowned quality of life that hasn’t been touched – and left for the better – by Bud Jordan.

Decades ago, Bud recognized the treasure of our waterways, and the imminent threats to their survival and that of the diverse ecosystems they support. He co-founded the St. Lucie River Initiative, which continues today as the Rivers Coalition, raising awareness and fighting for the health and safety of our waters.

Bud contributed to building Martin County’s thriving economy as a co-founder of the Economic Council. As Martin County’s first stockbroker, he was also a leader in empowering women in the financial services community and instituting a team approach in his office, a model now used nationwide.

Realizing that his clients’ bequests were not being fulfilled or were funneling philanthropic funding out of Martin County, Bud formed a team of community leaders to create the Martin County Community Foundation. They ensured that donors’ wishes were honored, and that charitable dollars were invested here at home. 32 years later The Community Foundation Martin St. Lucie stands as the embodiment of Bud’s vision. Today, the Foundation administers funds that benefit over 200 charities and educational institutions in Martin and St. Lucie Counties and around the world.

From the moment they came to Martin County in 1971, Bud and Marjie Jordan have worked to better our community in these and countless ways – including initiatives that have addressed education, health care and the arts. Bud’s prescient vision and quiet leadership have shaped the remarkable lifestyle we enjoy today.

From left to right: Eason Jordan, Zoey Jordan, Kelly Nelson, Bud & Marjie Jordan, Michael & Rhayna Jordan

It is said that future generations stand on the shoulders of giants. Bud Jordan is truly a giant in Martin County. His legacy looms large, and will for generations to come

Contributions made in honor of Bud will be granted to the charities and causes he cared deeply about with the help of his family.

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