COVID-19 Mariner Relief Fund

Disaster Relief Begins at Home

COVID-19 Mariner Relief Fund

c/o The Community Foundation
851 SE Monterey Commons Blvd
Stuart, FL 34996

Dear fellow Mariner Sands member,

What can we say that you don’t already know, about the disastrous pandemic paralyzing the country? Stores are closed. Jobs are lost. Our neighbors outside Mariner Sands are in survival mode and urgently need relief.

What can we do to help?

With the endorsement of the boards of Charity Week and The Chapel, we have embarked on a disaster relief campaign to help our critical charities continue their work uninterrupted. The success of this effort depends on generous people like you. Some First Donors have already pledged $1000 or more. Our goal is to raise $100,000 in the coming month.

The Community Foundation of Martin and St. Lucie Counties has established a special COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund, and made a pro bona offer to receive and process donations.

** The money raised will be directed to charities approved by grants committees
of Charity Week and the Chapel (Ecumenical Benevolence). **

This is no time to be shy.

In this emergency we need more than your contribution. We need your heart and soul as well. Think about the families in our own back yard whose income for the foreseeable future will be zero – good people with kids to feed who have been thrown out of work by this catastrophe and desperately need a life raft in a raging sea.

Please write your check with them in mind. Make it out to:

The Community Foundation
 “COVID – Mariner” in the memo section of the check.
Mail to: 851 SE Monterey Commons Boulevard, Stuart FL 34996.

Your contribution will be appreciated more than you know and will be tax deductible as it will be receipted by The Community Foundation Martin – St. Lucie (EIN 65-0024030).

Thanks so much,

Thank you very much for your support of Martin County COVID 19 Relief and Recovery through COVID 19 – Mariner.

James and Julie Agostinelli

Timothy and Michele Ames

Richard and Marlene Ashare

Larry and Lynette Bailey

Karen and L. Dean Barnard

Robert and Elizabeth Bauer

Ewald and Susan Bender

Don and Sue Boehmcke

Sharon Foster Brown

Stephen and Elizabeth Buck

Patricia Burke Reilly

Adriana and Robert Caliari

Robert and Judith Carlson

Gary and Karen Carr

Chihsing Chen, MD

Stanley and Lorraine Ciemniecki

Vera Clarke

Phil and Diane Coakley

Tanya Condello

Lorraine and William Connolly

Eleanor and Don Corsig

Maureen and Tim Cotter

Richard and Rosanna Cranmer

Pierce Crompton

Joseph & Ann Day

Francis and Marcella Delaney

Doug & Jane Ditmars

Bob and Pat Ditmars

John Doody

Dorsey Family

Lynn Downing

Lawrence and Katherine Duane

John and Elizabeth Duffy

Robert and Mariann Durso

Joan Egan

Barbara Eich

Arthur Einstein

Jean and Scott Eldridge

Bruce and Patricia Elmblad

John and Brenda Flanagan

Peter and Patricia Frank

Michael and Ellen Funck

David and Maria Gillies

Martha Glantz

James and Jean Gregory

Susan Gudheim

Nolan and Sandra Hadix

Norman and Ruth Hammer

William Hampton

John and Irene Haran

James Harrington

Jane Havnaer and Nancy Kruchko

Alba and Susan Hazen

Bruce and Sarah Hillenbrand

Linda Horstmyer

George and Claire Hribar

Jacquelyn Hughes

Martha Hutchinson

Gennaro and Lucrezia Iacomino

Dolores Jessop

Robert and Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Barrett Jones

John and Susan Kalmbach

Helen Keller

Shirley Dykes Kelley

Nancy Kingsley

Mary Knight

Mr. and Mrs. Koerner

Joseph Krajewski

Robert and Rosalia Kung

Joan and Alton Lamont

Robert and Robin Landis

Tony Lang

Sandy and Craig Lappen

D’Arcy and Dorothy LeClair

Ronald and Brenda Linquist and Boyette

Lisa and Paul Lorenz

Charles Lott

James and Elvira Loudon

Rebecca Lovett

Mary and John Lynch, MD

Mariner Sands Foundation

Mariner Sands Chapel, Inc.

Stanley Mathews

Marguerite McAndrews

Daniel and Mary McDonald

Juanita McFadden

John and Kathleen McGowan

Mary Ann McGrath

Edward and Kathleen McQuade

Jack Menella

Judy and Kent Mergler

Donald Merkelback

Richard and Genevieve Mills

Steven and Tracy Mooney

Sally and Murphy Moore

Joseph Morahan

Langhorne and Judith Motley

Mary Lynore Mulholland

Carol and Robert Myers

Anthony and Carlene Nehra

Renate Norum

Robert and Therese O’Rourke

Barbara Paine

Carl and Doris Peters

Elizabeth Pirrman

John Plavan

Audrey Poling and Deborah Martin

Robert Ranieri

Lawrence Reynen

Marie Riddle

Philip and Kathleen Riley

Maureen Robelen

Thomas and Marie Ryan III

Janet Ryder

Andrea Saks

Drew Saunders

Donald Scarpa

Arthur Schwartz

Sherry and Louis Senunas

Carole and Paul Smith

Rudolf and Carmen Stalder

John and Anne Sullivan

Karen and Bill Tarasuk

Thomas and Margaret Teal

Richard and Marietta Tierney

Pamela Timony

Armen S. Tomasian

Robert and Judith Tucker

Steven Tyre

Bob and Joy Valle

Betty Volkwein

Barbara Wahle and George Person

John and Beverly Ward

Tom and Barb White

Thomas and Kathleen White and Boland

Douglas and Carol Whitney

Bo Wiberg

Robert & Rita Wieczorek

George and Linda Williams

Jennifer and Courtney Wilson

Randi and Steve Zabriskie